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Southern Oaks Dental Care Needs a Premium Website Design - $1,000

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    • Contest Holder
      2457 days, 17 hr ago
    • Hi All,
      Thank you so much for your great work! Congratulations to AtomitServices!! This was an extremely tough decision and we appreciate all of you for making it so difficult for us to decide. 
      We wish you all the best!
      Southern Oaks
    • Jan 2465 days, 4 hr ago
    • the first feedback 8 hrs, 56 mins before the end of the contest is too late for me to design a second layout. sorry for that and good luck everybody else :)
    • Contest Holder
      2465 days, 4 hr ago
    • Great designs. Thank you all. The ones that I tend to like more have lighter colors. Also they tend to be the ones with more information at the top of the page when the page first loads giving a visually interesting presentation.

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