Monday, June 18th, 2018

Who Will Win the $5,000 Logo Design Contest? Details Here…


Wow! What an amazing contest!

A lot of time and energy was spent on all sides… Designers were working around the clock, as well as Team to make sure this event was successful.

We want to thank you all for your participation in our logo design contest! Each one of you helped create our logo, the perfect logo for…But which design is the winner?

Great question… We know that our design is in there amongst the 5,591 entries we received in the contest!!! We will be pouring through these designs for the next seven days and will announce the winner at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9th (Central Standard Time, U.S.).

We will be doing a few things to help all of you see the progress of our selection of the $5,000 prize winner! Please read about the entire process so you can understand what is going on when it happens…


Entry Viewer

Of the 5,591 entries we’ve received, we currently have 4,018 that are active in our Entry Viewer, which means that at least 1,573 entries were eliminated because we knew right away that the design (or concept) wasn’t a match for our site (does not mean that the design was not a good design).

What we are going to do is start eliminating:

  • Any duplicate entries
  • All entries that were placed on screen shots of our site

This will help us quickly remove a lot of the entries that aren’t necessary for us to choose the winning design.

We will also be eliminating entries that we feel aren’t the best fit for what we’re trying to accomplish at this time. Again, if your designs are eliminated, it does not mean it isn’t a good design. Here’s the process:

  • Starting Friday at 11:59 p.m. (Central Standard Time, U.S.) we will narrow our entries down to 500 active entries using the entry viewer. Again, we will eliminate all duplicates, screen shot entries, and designs that don’t fit our needs
  • Saturday at 11:59 p.m. we will narrow our active entries to 400
  • Sunday, 11:59 p.m. – narrow to 200 (not 300)
  • Monday, 11:59 p.m. – narrow to 100
  • Tuesday, 11:59 p.m. – narrow to 10
  • Wednesday, 11:59 p.m. – Winners announced!

Follow this link to go to the entry viewer:

Blog Posts

Throughout the process we will be giving updates in our blog. Please subscribe to our blog so you receive all of these updates when we post them here. You can follow this link to subscribe:


Again, we thank all of you for your participation in our logo design contest! We hope that you will take an active part in commenting on designs that you feel are noteworthy by making comments to our blog posts each day. Even if you aren’t selected as a winner of the contest, we’d love to hear from you!

We will be continuing from here to start posting more design contests and opportunities to earn money and create relationships with potential clients. Please stay tuned, our full site will be up soon.

All the best! Team

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27 Responses to “Who Will Win the $5,000 Logo Design Contest? Details Here…”
  1. Jaydeep says:

    Hi..i gave most of my designs with the screenshot in the same picture i.e, both the design and the design placed on the screenshot..will they get eliminated..??

    • admin says:

      Hi Jaydeep,

      No worries. If the only images we have for a particular favorite design include the screenshot, we’ll make an exception.

      We’re just trying to get the logo entries down to a manageable number.

      Thanks for the question!

      TPD Team

      • Whipsnade says:

        Thanks to Jaydeep to come up with this question… i have same condition with you…
        and i glad to hear the answer from the admin it self


  2. Áso says:


    I’m wondering just how many gallons of coffee you guys will drink during this elimination process :P

  3. David Podesta says:

    Thanks for keeping everybody informed…. I haven’t had such a rush in a while… It was good for the ol’ ticker.

    Have fun wading through the many wonderful submissions. I don’t envy you.


  4. Ivy says:

    What an opportunity I have missed!!! I have been very interested to join upon knowing the contest. But reality was, time constraints. I was then overtaken by events. There was the anniversary of our institution, entries of our institutions to several environmental contests, and other activities which required me so much of my time.

    Would there be any chance for me between today and wednesday to submit an entry? (Just trying for a posibility…).

    Thank you.

  5. chetna says:

    hey ,.i m ready to particiepent in this compitition,but what is the rull,can i part in this -i m from india .iwant to do this

  6. Sindur says:

    I really appreciate the fact that you have kept the participants informed on the status. I have had a good time designing THE PERFECT DESIGN logo. The Admin’s efforts [Patience] to answer some repetitive questions is very commendable.

    Best luck to all the participants !

  7. swathi_418 says:

    Hi TPD,

    Thanks for keeping updated to all participants.. It was really fun to work for this contest.
    I am eager to see the winning entry :)

  8. TheNutz says:

    the community can vote for their favorite ?

  9. omar says:

    hope all goes well and peacefully…

    goodluck TPD

  10. haetro says:

    Good luck guys!
    This was a really great contest… and congratulations in advance to the winners.

  11. aizen says:

    hi there. i just want to know the details about the tagline contest? :)

  12. Chandra Kumar says:

    I could’nt spent time in thiz design race. B’coz i have more work pressure and dont have peaceful work place. I concentrate with best of my side. I fetl one that lot of ultimate designer contribute in this intelligent race. God will bless the qualified designer. Advance congrates to the winners & TPD Team. I realy proud to run with ultimate designers and the Perfect Design junction.
    Thanking U.

    Your’s creatively,
    Chandra Kumar / Chandru.
    Tamil Nadu, India.

  13. Áso says:

    So are these eliminations final? Meaning if a design is eliminated from now on, there is no chance of going back and reconsidering it?

    • admin says:


      Great question! We are eliminating a lot of great entries…it’s tough for us! So, we may revisit a logo design that has been eliminated…however, if the design is reactivated we will eliminate another design in the list to bring it back.

      We appreciate the questions! Team

  14. TheNutz says:

    you know what’s weird?
    Last week my design was in top 30 with 4 stars
    now has 1 star and it looks like it’s not going to be in top 100. :(

    • admin says:


      No worries. If you’ll notice, all designs now have 1 star. We’ll be updating the star ratings again when we do the top 100 tonight.

      Thank you! Team

  15. ikha_778 says:

    need google image or popular logo library to find similiar logo designer use CH


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the suggestion ikha. We’ve done some of this but if you notice a similarity in the logo entries with other already existing work, please let us know. We could use you (the design community) to help on this task for sure.

      Thank! Team

  16. Áso says:

    I must admit I am getting a little bit worried now that only two of my designs are left in the contest. And one of my design’s rating that I was very confidence about has came down , which is why I’m worried.

  17. Paul_242 says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am happy to say that my logo is currently in the top 100, but in the entry viewer (due to the shape of the image) the logo looks squashed. So my question is …is that how the judges see it, or do they see it in its original format? I wouldnt like to think I could be eliminated just because it is viewed on the screen incorrectly. But my guess is that you have it all under control and I need not worry, but I felt the need o ask the question.

    Good luck to all those left in the contest.

    Regards Paul Scotton

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      No worries. We’re looking at the logos in their full glory.

      Thanks for submitting the question here…a few other designers had the same concern. Team

  18. Áso says:

    I’m sure the judges will look at all the versions of the logos that have been submitted and not just the ones on the site screen shots or the ones on the Entry Viewer. And if they need other versions/color variations or adjustments made to the logos, they will contact us about it. Please confirm this if I’m right.

    • admin says:

      You’re right Áso…we’re looking at everything and we may ask a few designers for some tweaks here and there. Team

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