Monday, June 18th, 2018

Top 10 Entries for the $5,000 Logo Design Contest


It is hard to believe that we are down to the Top 10 logo design entries!

This has been such a difficult process for us because of the talent we have here! We have been back and forth and back and forth between entries, and overwhelmed at the process of choosing the perfect design for our needs.

One more day left!

We have one more day ahead of us and this will be the hardest part, because we are certain that each one of these top 10 logo designs would be a solid choice, but there can only be one…

Thank you!

We thank all of you who have participated in this contest to make it happen. We congratulate you top 10 whose designs have withstood the critical eyes of Team, and best of luck for tomorrow.

By the way, feel free to add your comments regarding the top 10 entries. We’d like to hear your opinions on which one all of you feel is the top design! Just leave a comment on this blog post to give us your feedback.

Here we go!

Announcing the top 10 entries for the $5,000 Logo Design Contest! (We tried gathering their names in time, but some didn’t have time to respond to our name request, so the names will be updated once our messages have been responded to):

Letez Shihab2 Zaid_1 Tim Sarang

…….Žan Lete……………Shihabdeen…………….Zaid…………Tim Brewster……..Sarang Powar….

TheNutz Zaid_2 River Whipsnade Imran

…….TheNutz………………Zaid………Michael Bretherton………Irvan Haryanto……..Imran Khan…….

Thanks again! We have more opportunities coming very soon! If you haven’t already registered with us, please do so on our homepage at

See you tomorrow night! Team

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73 Responses to “Top 10 Entries for the $5,000 Logo Design Contest”
  1. Sindur says:

    Congrats Top 10. Nutz has the most creative design in my opinion

  2. omar says:

    Eliminated can be selected as well..;p

  3. coolokoy says:

    I vote for Nutz.. lol

  4. Rohit says:


    My vote goes to .Žan Lete… and after that Tim Brewster.

    Good Luck Guys :)


  5. Didzis says:

    Shihab Teen – very nice

  6. ikha_778 says:

    congrat all!!!!!!!

  7. Mufaddal says:

    In my opinion the winner will be Shihab or zaid..Best of Luck to everyone

  8. TheNutz says:

    Ooo, thank you Sindur, coolokoy.
    I’m so glad that you like my “little guy”

    (ps: you can see the evolution proces in my thread)

  9. Paberto Harry says:

    Congratulation for the top 10 :)

  10. zamna says:

    Congratulation to Top 10. Good job Bro.

  11. jebin dhaubhadel says:

    congartulation to top ten and best of luck also ..may d best win.

  12. gauri says:

    Congrats to all !!!!!

    I vote for Žan Lete

    some eliminated designs are also good

    all the best to all of you…

  13. Chandra Kumar says:

    Zaid design is very genuine. Reachable Concept. Nice.. Sorry
    Very Nice! Congrates Zaid. I wish to all selected designers.

  14. Gugulethu Mpungose says:

    Suggestions for the Top-3:

    * Zaid – Design no. 3;
    * Sarang Powar – Design no. 5;
    * Zaid – Design no. 7.

  15. pushkar653 says:

    nice selection, i just feel that the brief is not reflected in the artworks in the sense that they had asked for a classic look that would transgress time and these seem to be very modern and ‘now’. good luck to all

    • Mer says:

      Good point, pushkar. The brief was laid out too ‘general’ in nature but the selection seem to have bordered more on the personal choice of the judges, giving the least consideration to the design brief.

  16. Tiberiu says:

    My vote goes for Sarang Powar’s logo.

  17. Kat says:

    Shahib and TheNut are the only two that look like they would be logos for a design website, to me. The others look like maybe they would be for the electronics/ technical industry. Or maybe something else. But not a design site.

    Good job to all!

  18. swathi_418 says:


    Congratulation to Top 10.
    I feel that some eliminated designs were also good..
    My vote goes to Zaid….Tim Brewster….Imran

    Best of luck to all!

    • Imran says:

      Hi All,

      First of all i congrats to all top ten contestants , i will thank to all the contestants who are regularly following and putting there comments on the all the designs.

      and thanks to the people who have mention my name in there votings…

      And I wish all of the perfectdesgin team that they have sorted all more then 5000 designs
      and got to final 10..

      All the best and hope most deserving design will get the cup.

      Best of Luck to all to 10….:)

  19. chuck_212 says:

    Congrats to all who entered in this contest. I saw some really great design work and learned some new things along the way. My vote goes to Shihab Teen. Great design. It’s clean, sharp and will stand the test of time. It will also look great on just about anything. Good Job Teen!!!

  20. Ellia says:

    My vote goes to TheNutz, as Kat said there his logo is more suitable for a design website!
    Good luck to all and congratulations for being in the top 10!

  21. Áso says:

    I’m not saying this because none of my designs made it to this list, but honestly half of the designs on this top 10 have no creativity in them whatsoever. I don’t know how you guys judged the designs but I couldn’t be more surprised by seeing those logos on this list. But anyways, this was a fun contest. Good luck on choosing the 3 designs (pretty obvious which ones they are in my opinion).

    And once again, thank you TPD team for the opportunity… Off to drag and drop my 100+ designs into the recycle bin.

    • Mer says:

      I have seen your work and was surprised not one of your designs made it here. Don’t be too generous with the bin, keep your files.

      Sometimes i get inspiration looking at my previous works, especially at hand-drawn rough sketches.

    • Kenneth_292 says:

      I agree completely. I was a fan of some of your designs as well. I guess I figured that this website would pull a bunch of professional talent out, but it seems to have done the opposite. Good luck in the future, Áso.

    • Daniel Manyika says:

      I agree with u …. i dont really see the brief i was given going togather with the result …..

  22. anilbose says:

    nutz and zaid i think will battle it out. may the best man win..

  23. anilbose says:

    aso i agree with u ii

  24. Abhishek says:

    congratulations! to top 10 my vote goes to Sarang’s (no. 5) d most conceptual and long lasting no need to change for decades

  25. Žan Lete says:

    Wow!!.., thanks for comments! I am surprised to see my work in the top 10 entries. This was a really nice contest with lots and lots of great designs. I wish best to the designers that are in top 10 + i would like to thanks to the TPD team for this contest and as always for the feed backs <3.


  26. igepe says:

    Congratulation to 10 designs. I’m not in it so sad. But anyway, I want to see upcoming TPD site. And I can not wait to compete in their projects. I hope this TPD brand logo competition will reflect the enthusiasm for upcoming clients from all over the world. What I can see, there are a hundreds good designers ready for the real battle. See you guys :)

  27. arindam says:

    i want to vote Tim, it looks nice but the creative touch is absent. it is inspired. i like Zaid-2 but there are some incorrect things in it that does not suit a logo. and i do not find any other to vote.
    i vote TDP for their idea ,hard work, decision and clarity. best wishes.

  28. Martyn says:

    Michael Bretherton is the best, it is straight and to the point. The others are using tried and tested gimmicky imagery, much too busy.

  29. djmsdesain says:

    congratulations for the contestants who entered the top 10, all good design, but if you send me in my vote for select No. 9 No. 9 in my opinion the best in another appeal

  30. Chirag dave says:

    Hello TPD Team,

    I don’t know that how you judge the logo and i don’t want to know but i think is make sure that The perfect design team is looking at graphics rather than the concept and everything. every persons is a special kind of artist. I recommended to choose “TheNutz” logo out of all. The perfect design is a community for graphic designer so they will come up with the innovative idea therefore “The Nuts” design is one and only design which really looks creative rather than the all. You should select his design.
    I request to TPD team for check again all logo’s. There are so many logo which imitate from other company logos.again I request TPD Team, please don’t look at the graphic.


    • Mer says:

      “The perfect design team is looking at graphics rather than the concept and everything” -

      Rightly said. This top ten list is a very literal interpretation of the graphic logo, with little or no concept behind them at all.

      I think the TPD team preferred to see more of the words ‘The Perfect Design’ rather than the concept, or the imagination behind the design – which is contrary to the objective of seeing a logo as classic as McDonalds or Apple, both of which rely on the simplest of icons (McDonald’s curved M and Apple’s bitten apple) to remain highly-popular and very effective over the years.

  31. V C says:

    hey! congrats……but i suppose TheNutz’s was the best……..really creative!

  32. john says:

    If ZAID wins we will not be surprise!!..we think he is clear at what he is doing.

  33. Chris_280 says:

    very dissapointed in some of the selections. Obviously there were basic logo principles that were ignored in process.

    • Kenneth_292 says:

      Agreed. But that’s what you get when you have any and every schmoe with a design program posting entries. I guess I’m just disappointed that they made it this far.

  34. tna says:

    Congrats to all the top ten contestants.
    Shihab is really standing out.

  35. Dennis says:

    1. There should be one design selected per designer. i think a better designer/design missed out the opportunity of being on the list.

    2. Shihab and Imran Khan has more or less the same designs. One more designer/design lost the opportunity of joining the top 10.

    I think that the TPD team should revise the list and put two other names form the selected designs.

    What you guys think about so…It should come out to be a fair decision.

  36. Russel says:

    On one hand, I think it was great to see the work of the other talented designers, but on the other hand I don’t think that it is fair (competition) for each person’s work to be visible to all. It works great for the client, but not the designer. It is not fair that designers could feed of other designs. I suggest that you review the process. Congrats to all!

    ps. Tim Brewster I like your style.

    • Mer says:

      I share your opinion.
      I may have missed this part, if ever this is such provision in the design brief or in the contest rules, but TPD should protect all other designers’ non-winning entries posted on the site against plagiarists and copycats who recklessly rip other people’s work.

      Along the contest proper, i could not help but think that some contestants are actually drawing inspiration from other’s entries, just doing some variations or twists to make their own version look like entirely different.

      TPD has just published some 5000 ideas for a logo which any lurking pirate could freely use to his advantage.

  37. haetro says:

    Congratulations to the top 10, although i’m not satisfied with the selection, some of the best designer i’ve seen (those elite one in this kind of field) was not included in the top 10 and some of the best entry that i admire was eliminated, anyway lets respect the decision of the TPD crew, management and staff, they know whats the best for them so lets just sit and wait to announce whose the lucky winner.

    Good luck to all of you guys!

  38. Ada says:

    I like TheNutz’s design… it’s different than the others, and I like the shapes there, there are 3 “T”’s, you can also see a little man and this mean letting go to the imagination.
    So, I vote for TheNutz.

  39. Pab says:

    I agree with a lot of comments made here.

    My design didnt get into the top ten but I admit defeat, but I saw many logos better than mine and also better than the ones in the top ten that deserved to be in the top ten. But saying that TPD is the client and the client is always right (sometimes).

    Unfortunately out of well over 5000 logos, I dont think you have any of the best in the top 10 …sorry guys who are in the top but that is my personal opinion as a professional designer.

    I look forward to seeing the winning entry however basic or irrelevant it is to the TDP name.

    Congratulations to all those who made it though and I look forward to the next competition.

  40. Chris_280 says:

    looks like the color blue (and silver/gray) is the clear winner here.

    • Mer says:

      Yes, Chris_280. The list shows it all.
      It seems like the first criteria towards making it thru the elimination process: all non-blue and silver-metallic are automatically out.

      TPD must have hinted out on showing us the temporary website in all its blue-black outlook, but most contestants were creative (stubborn?) enough to believe that the world is abound with colors that would no less stand well against blue. I belong to the stubborn.

  41. Olagundoye says:

    I think this set is a good one. Can’t wait to see the best tho. This was a good competition, looking forward to others :)

  42. Mer says:

    I never made it even to the shortlist, and in all sincerity I respect TPD’s decision, but this IS a design portal, where an open mind is a foremost commodity, and everyone should speak freely. I must admit I have seen designs a whole lot better than my entries, but got eliminated as well. There are other entries from Shihab, for example, that I like better than the one listed here in the top ten.
    Of course, TPD reserves the right to choose what they feel is most appropriate for their endeavor, and they don’t have to explain their selection process. In design, I believe there is no such thing as right or wrong – just good and bad. Sad to say I am not seeing the bests of the entries in this lineup.
    Nonetheless, my congratulations to whoever makes it – and to all. You are all winners who worked hard to come up with creative originality.

  43. Áso says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who got a little disappoint by some of the entries that made it to this list. It’s a little bit weird that those designs made it to this list. It looks as if someone intentionally put them on there along with the top 3 they will choose so that way the decision won’t be hard to make at the end. On the last 100 designs I saw, there were so many of them that looked 10 times better than over half of the ones you guys have on this top 10 list. One wonders, what happened? Because honestly to me it looks exactly like someone blindly chose 7 of the designs and didn’t cared which ones out of the 100 they were and put them besides the top 3 they have in mind.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but you guys said you want a logo that can stand alone without the site title. I see around 6 entries on this top 10 list that if stood alone without the site title, no one would know or guess what the logo is about or who it belongs to because they in no way, shape or form say ThePerfectDesign in my opinion.

    And someone mentioned the submitted designs should’ve been hidden and not visible to other contestants. I agree with that 100%. I don’t know why none of us thought of this in the beginning because YES there were and still are designs that were copied in some way from other people’s works. For example, if I submitted a design and the TPD team didn’t liked it, another person would take my idea and tweak it a little bit and make it their design. But if you really think about it, the IDEA was mine in the first place, the other person only made some minor changes to it and the TPD team started to like it. I have seen so many like this happened throughout this contest. At the end of the contest, so many designs got rated 3/4 stars or got low ratings without the admins commenting on them. If someone’s design got low ratings, there should’ve always been comments on it as to why the TPD didn’t liked that design. Maybe that way the designers could’ve tweaked it a little bit before someone else snatched the idea away and made changes to it and made it their own design. I know it was difficult to comment on every single designs that got low ratings, but I’m talking about those hundreds of designs that looked kind of close to what you guys were looking for and not the designs that were obviously made in paint or had no thought of creativity in them.

    But I guess it’s too late to talk about these things now. Anyways, I like TheNutz little mascot thing because that’s the only one I see that has always been his idea. And in my opinion, a mascot is so much better than any initial logos/logotypes out there. So yea my vote goes to the little mascot.

    • Daniel Manyika says:

      Thank u ….. not saying they are bad its just wierd ….. that we really had some which showed creativity …….and live …..and more futuristic …….not really simple …….

    • SYED_515 says:


  44. djmsdesain says:

    i think design by the nutz is remind me to ‘ebuddy’ logo

  45. honed says:

    I think deciding the contest will all depend on what the TPD team values most. Here is how I would judge the final ten based on different emphases.

    Inspiration for the designers who frequent the site or are considering joining the community:
    Zaid (#3)
    Haryanto (#9)

    For the standalone (or icon) factor:
    1. Zaid (#3)
    2. Haryanto (#9)
    3. Zaid (#7)

  46. Tom B says:

    Wow, Mike Brethertons design really stands clear of all the others, concise and succcint deign, clever, clear and un-ambiguous and without the clutter of the others dishamonious elements.

  47. Shihab says:

    Hi all! Great time spent here… Glad to see me on top10! :)

    It’s not the TOP 10 of all time..It’s just the TOP10 from TPD team… So everyone here are GREAT designers… There were some great logos which couldn’t make it to the last 10…
    My vote is for all who had worked for this competition… :)
    In the TOP10, i could give my punch to The Nutz…Good work… but somehow i feel it’s ‘ t f t ‘ in the mascot…my eyes may be wrong…but voted it :)


  48. Daniel Manyika says:

    I am not feeling the future and the designs are still todays …..non of them have the simple going on …….no creativity …….nothing really special about them happy for them to be top 10 ……some how they just create let down feeling …… good luck on selecting …….

  49. I like ‘the nutz’ as far as originality – but it doesn’t speak conceptually to the idea of ‘the perfect design.’

    Zaid’s is appealing simply by the fact that it is an ORIGINAL way of creating the acronym while looking interesting on its own.

    The others – while well executed – look mediocre and any other ‘tpd’ or ‘pd’ acronym logos in the world could easily resemble them – they do not stand out.

    Really – none of the concepts speak conceptually to the theme. There were far better executions to that end in the other designs. But in the end, as with all CH’s, it comes down to what you like.

  50. By zaid’s – I mean the top row 3rd in.

  51. santuk-955 says:

    Zan or Zaid! Only!

  52. Kareem says:

    Congrats to top 10 selections. I’m loving how elegant and cool ” Michael Bretherton ” entry look like. This definitely should be a winner.

  53. Alan Yip says:

    congrats to the top 10 designs. I would like to select No 9 Design, cos it got a very good formation concept.

  54. Vatsala Manohar says:

    My greetings and wishes to all those who participated in this contest spending ample time effort.

    My congrats to the top ten and the prospective winners.

    I feel that the designs chosen are too simple and not relevant to the Graphic Design Website.

    There were many good creative designs exposing a Graphic design Website. Anyway, its up to the team to decide. We can only be good audiences.

    Again let me tell you, I entered this contest not as a Graphic designer because I am not one, but as a begginer just trying to learn some photoshop.

    Thank you all for bearing with all my Amatuer logo designs. I just took it as a sport and enjoyed doing them. Thank you all again, and the TPD team for giving constructive comments.


  55. Snehal says:

    I think logo design is not just graphics that should look nice like a painting its
    actually a symbol with lots of meaning to it.

    So I think Sarang’s logo actually talks.

  56. yuni says:

    all design,,,,
    ehmm…. very nice.
    but, i like design from Tim,,
    because there are effect 3D-Max, so beautiful.

  57. Eleonora says:

    I like Nutz, it is original.

  58. ivan soelarso says:

    I chosee tim.., that will be good in blak and white too, litle or big.

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