Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Take Competition As A Challenge – Graphic Design Tip #90


This is graphic design tip #90 from the post 101 Graphic Graphic Design Tips for Business Success

Don’t Be Afraid Of Competition

Don’t Be Afraid Of Competition - ThePerfectDesign
Newsflash…you are not the only graphic designer out there. Just as there are multitudes of photographers grappling for professional gigs, there are a myriad of designers and “wanna-be” designers snatching up prime jobs. (Who can forget losing that logo design to the client’s 14-year old nephew?)

Here is the good news. Competition is a good thing. Competition only makes you better and can help drive traffic to your door. Having a fire lit under you feet will drive you to leap creative boundaries. It awakens the naturally aggressive design animal inside of you. Embrace the desire to go after business like a tiger pursuing a gazelle. Snatch those clients up if you can and don’t be afraid to face your rivals head on.

Be The Best Graphic Designer

When you duel with your fellow designers, always be respectful. You may be fighting over common turf but they are still your colleagues. Remind yourself that this really is just about you and your ability to achieve greater things. Set the standard by producing design that gets talked about while maintaining reasonable prices. Be honest in all of your dealings. And never intentionally bad-mouth or ultra low-ball your fellow designer. Fight a clean fight.

Competition will foster ingenuity in your work. It will help you set higher standards for yourself and create new goals to strive for. Your clients will naturally shop around and compare price and quality while searching for a graphic designer. Make sure that you are naturally the best selection for them.

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