Sunday, June 24th, 2018

I was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines from 1979. We moved in Cavite in 2001 after I graduated College. Finally stayed in Makati with my wife and kids. Now I am working here in Dubai, UAE as a Graphic Designer.
Since first grade I knew how to draw. I used to participate in some [...]

As you go through the tips, think of your own stories that can be associated with each tip. If you have a great story for a particular tip, please e-mail it to us from the Contact form. Pretty soon, we’ll be posting each tip on it’s own and be going into further detail. You’ll be [...]

Every now and then we want to challenge designers on their knowledge of design and it’s history. A couple weeks ago, on Twitter, we offered a $25 American Express gift card if someone answered the question, “Graphic design stems from which movement and which designer?” It took some time for someone to be brave enough [...]