Friday, June 22nd, 2018

This post is a continuation of graphic design tip #54 in our article “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.“
Don’t Be A Caveman

Social networking is the hottest trend these days. Recently sites like myspace, twitter, and facebook have become widely popular and accepted as valid sources of information. If you haven’t signed up for one [...]

This post is an expansion of tip #53 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.
Don’t Be Taken Advantage OF

One of the hardest things to learn as a designer is how to not be taken advantage of. It can be devastating to your business and your confidence. Six-hours of burning the midnight oil [...]

This post is an expansion of tip #52 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.
Cheer On Your Fellow Designers!

You should be well aware by now that everyone has an opinion on everything. Art is objective by nature, so it will always be subject to interpretation. This is what makes it art, the [...]

This is graphic design tip #51 from the post 101 Graphic Graphic Design Tips for Business Success
Don’t Just Rely On What You Have Done On The Past

Even though you will repeat some of the same steps over and over, it’s wonderful to know that there are still designs that have not been designed yet and [...]

Originally I’m from Libya. I’ve lived there for around 10 years and spent most of my childhood there. My family moved to the UK in 1997. Right now I’m settled in Manchester, I’ve been in Manchester for around 13 years 
I always wanted to be someone when I was young. Not just another book on the [...]

I am from a small Himalayan country called BHUTAN. I was born in a village called Nainatal and I  currently work as a Psychiatrist in The National Referral Hospital in Thimphu, the capital city.
I do graphic design as a pastime. I used to draw and paint as a hobby and learned a bit of graphic [...]

I’m from Germany and still living in a little Town named Nienburg. It is near Hannover and I grew up there.
I have always liked working with Computers and that’s the way I show my “creative” side. That’s how I got into Graphic Design.
I do freelance work for the most part. So far I’ve done a [...]

I am a graphic designer and writer that is currently based in Malaysia. I grew up here in the multi-racial country where I get to learn various ways of communications between different races and cultures.
I started off with graphic designing as a freelancer during my college days when I needed money for my studies. When [...]

I am from a city called Bandung, located in western part of the island of Java, Indonesia. This is the city I grew up, and I still live here with my family.
I love visual arts in general, as a child I always liked to draw and watch movies, even collected nice looking packaging. When I [...]

I come from Indonesia. I was born, grew up and live in Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia.
After I graduated from the university, I applied to an audio visual communication agency as a computer graphic designer. Honestly, I did not really know anything about graphic design. That is where I learned for the [...]