Friday, June 22nd, 2018

I am from New Delhi.  As a child I studied at a boarding school in a hill station Mussoorie. After my 12th grade I came over to New Delhi for my Graduation and work.
While at school I had mixed set of subjects where I did Biology, Physics, Math, Chemistry, along with Fine art. I did [...]

This blog post was created in reference to item #1 in our post, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success“
Please make the content clean!

We know that it’s not the job of the Designer to provide project content. Every Designer dreams of being given “clean content”. That means pristine, free of errors, complete content. But that [...]

As you go through the tips, think of your own stories that can be associated with each tip. If you have a great story for a particular tip, please e-mail it to us from the Contact form. Pretty soon, we’ll be posting each tip on it’s own and be going into further detail. You’ll be [...]

Hi all,
We posted the $5000 Logo Design Contest requirements (design brief) in the forums. Go take a look and get ready to rumble!
Logo Contest Design Requirements (Design Brief)
The contest will be launched on Wednesday, July 22, at 12:00 a.m. (GMT-06:00, Central Time, U.S.& Canada).
If you’re pre-registered to get updates about the contest, you [...]