Monday, June 18th, 2018

Significance Of Asking Questions – Graphic Design Tip #99


This post is an expansion of tip #75 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.

Asking The Right Questions

Asking The Right Questions - ThePerfectDesign

Asking the right questions is of ultimate importance. The right questions will lead you to the desired result. The wrong questions may lead you to more questions, the wrong result, a frustrated customer, and most importantly a frustrated designer (that’s you)…

Sometimes it helps to imagine the whole project from start to finish. What ultimately is the end result that the client is looking for? You can phase it into a two-part discussion with a basis in concept versus technical execution.

Here is few examples of questions that you ask:

• What is the main focus of the project?
o Is it product or service focused?
o Who is the target audience?
o What need is the product/service fulfilling?
• What information should be highlighted or focused on?
• What emotion should the audience feel?
o Explain what kind of colors/graphics your audience would respond best to.
• What is the call to action for the audience?
o What form would you like the contact to make? Do they want phone contact or direction to their website for additional information and lead collection.

Detailed Questions Depends On The Discussion

Detailed Questions Depends On The Discussion - ThePerfectDesign

When you get into the technical part of the discussion it will depend on the form of medium. Web vs. print will need completely different specifications. A print discussion could include questions such as quantity, size, paper and distribution. A web discussion may involve dimensions, form fields, hosting, e-blast specification or special online delivery. During a complete campaign you may cross several mediums with multiple “touches”. Be very detailed and specific with your questions.

A successful project depends on accurate information. If you are missing some of the pieces you could fall short during execution. Being inquisitive and having foresight into potential potholes can help you deliver on a super successful product.

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