Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Remember That Graphic Design Is ART


This post is a continuation of graphic design tip #57 in our article “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.

Imaginations Don’t Have Boundaries

Rainbow Hot Air Balloon

Try new things. Let yourself get caught up in your customer’s vision and give them your best work. You might be surprised what you can do if you just let go for a concept or two and “let your hands explore the canvas.” Imaginations don’t have boundaries.

Experimenting with different styles, mediums and materials is crucial in creating memorable art. Stefan Sagmeister is a master at limitless creativity. He has used everything from wire hangers and corrugated boards to clothes irons utilized as
makeshift printing presses. This kind of ingenuity puts you on the map and wins awards.

Childlike Enthusiasm + Originality = Genius Artwork!

vitruvian man

You don’t have to rely on stock photography or existing templates. Even with budget restraints you can be innovative. Use your own photographs or create illustrations utilizing materials you have. Collaborate with other fellow designers and artists to produce something surprising and new. Some of your concepts should take “guts” and follow through. If there is something you have been dying to try – go for it.

Add a little elbow grease and cross your fingers. Navigating uncharted territory takes hard work and courage, but the results when correctly executed is unforgettable. So the next time your client asks for something edgy, give em’ all you got. Think outside of the box or even use the box if you have to. Childlike enthusiasm and originality is a powerful
combination that produces genius artwork!

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