Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Make More Money By Referring To Others – Graphic Design Tip #17


This post, “Make More Money By Referring To Others – Graphic Design Tip #17″, is the #17th update in our post, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.”

Profitable Referral Process

Profitable Referral Process - ThePerfectDesign
Look for opportunities to make more money on each individual project. Don’t try to squeeze more money out of the client if it’s not necessary…

Be creative. Your expertise in graphic design doesn’t hinder your ability to refer to people who provides services that might be related to the project at hand. Some people will pay you for your referral… Print services, e-mail marketing, shopping carts, website security, hosting, etc…

You will quickly learn that you can’t be everything to everybody. Agencies, marketing teams and creative departments consist of people with different specialties in different roles. When creating a brochure, you generally won’t write the content, make the paper, print, and deliver it. Passing along the parts that you can’t complete yourself not only helps others, but also can be rewarding to you.

An Outsourcing Graphic Designer – Cool!

Outsourcing - ThePerfectDesign
You probably already know developers, writers, marketing specialists, and other designers that you can work with on projects. Outsourcing is a common industry practice to get the job done.

Often a printshop will print your piece but send it to a specialized shop for the die cutting, foiling, and sometimes even the bindery and fulfillment. Generally they account for the outsourcing and add a 10-15% charge to cover the brokering service. The same concept can be applied to design projects. You can add a percentage to cover the costs of handling print, coding, writing, etc.

Your position as a broker can be valuable. If you are working with a client who needs writing, SEO services, or marketing offer to handle the referral. Most clients prefer to work with one contact, and this is a great way to bundle projects under the same Purchase Order. Include your services as a separate line item or as part of the whole project. You will find the process beneficial to you, rewarding to your network, and convenient for your client.

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