Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Logo design is what?


Logo Design money growing - ThePerfectDesignA business owner went into business because they had a vision. They dreamed and saw their company at it’s highest point, and knew success, even before they got involved or started. To a client, a logo design is important and can mean many things…

…but, to a designer, we feel it means about a million things more because designers can get so emotionally involved in a project to give it, and make it, their very best…to ultimately help the client be successful. Designers see it from the business side as well as from a design side.

Logo design checklist - ThePerfectDesignWe’d like to compile a list of over a thousand things that a logo design “is,” to show the importance of a quality, relevant, logo design; and we need your help. Here’s what we need:

We need you to answer to the question “Logo design is what?” in your own words and experience. You can give us as many answers as you want and we encourage you to give us all your answers by posting a comment below. The format should be as follows:

“Logo design is… art” or “Logo design is symbolic” or “Logo design is nature” or better yet, get more detailed, “Logo design is the fulfillment of a need that a business has; to give ‘guts’ to the establishment of the company brand in order to create awareness of the company and its services.”

You can say it however you want… but, we love longer answers that include more thought and information ;) , so tell us what logo design is to you.

Here’s how you’ll benefit…

  • You’ll be helping fellow designers, or business owners, and that makes everyone feel good to know they’ve helped someone else

  • We will do a spotlight of everyone that participates in answering the question, “Logo design is what?”
    • After you’ve given us a response, we will send an e-mail to you asking you some questions about yourself

    • Then, you’ll be able to send us your answers, along with a picture of yourself, and a link to your website or portfolio, or both (It’s okay if you don’t have site. You can still participate)…
  • You can then put a link to your spotlight on your website to show off your spotlight

Logo design - Santa's list - ThePerfectDesignWe’re looking forward to the creative answers we’ll be receiving. Once we receive over a thousand answers to what logo design “is”, we hope to compile a list that even Santa would be proud of and post them in a separate blog post to showcase the answers.

All the best!

ThePerfectDesign.com Team

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221 Responses to “Logo design is what?”
  1. spela says:

    Logotype design is like portraying a business. It should characterize all the distinctive features visible and hidden. Logotype design is a visualization of everything and everyone that business stands for.

  2. Martina says:

    Logo design is character, ideas and purposes of the firm ( or whatever neded a logo) in a simple vision and choose of color.

  3. swank says:

    Identification or Branding of a business!

  4. Federico says:

    it is how people remember company, firm…
    First look it is important, but if you remember after first look, great! you successfully!!
    Your logo successfully!

  5. raymond says:

    logo design is the face of the company because is the most prominent feature for corporate identity

  6. logo design is a small and simple graphic designed element, that takes the face of brand, and identify the natural of something.

  7. decent_iffi says:

    logo design is a tool to publish something it also identify nature of that thing.

  8. khumbulani sacubana says:

    it`s the signature mark of a company, something the company can be identified by.

  9. Akinwale says:

    Logo design simply means a symbolic representation of the nature of individual business or organization (i.e the logo of an organization tells the area of specialization of the organization.)

  10. Akinwale says:

    Logo can also mean a diagramatic representation of the business or individual area of specialization.

  11. Logo is a representation of one’s company. It stands as the identity of the whole company.

  12. Michael says:

    Logo design is….

    100% understanding the brief, knowing the organization and understanding their history and future goals.

    Then you have the background to feed the design process.

  13. rishap says:

    actually logo is the thing which is the trademark or the sort of attraction for a company organization or etc

    logo is design is the something by which we could be attracted to a company

    for a common person is the source of attraction

  14. Imran Ma says:

    alogo is a trade mark for any organisation or its a breif explanation of brand Name of an organisation, company or person

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