Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Logo Design Contest Winners


The results are in…

After a grueling effort by our team of reviewers we’ve decided on the winning designs for logo contest.

So, without further ado:

First Place – Prize: $5000


S. Mohamed Shihabdeen (Shihab)

Second Place – Prize: $1400 or Adobe CS4 Design Standard Package


Daniel Marina (TheNutz)

Third Place – Prize: $900 or Adobe CS4 Web Standard Package


Michael Bretherton (River)

Tag Line Contest Winner – Prize: $200

‘You Choose’

Gerhard Schlee

We want to congratulate the prize winners – these are great designs that all have unique strengths! We’ll be in touch with Shihab, TheNutz, River, and Gerhard very soon.

Selecting winners in this contest was extremely difficult because there were so many unique and inspiring designs.

We’d also like to congratulate all of the designers in this GREAT contest. We appreciate all of your work. Because we’re so appreciative of your efforts in our logo contest, we’ve decided to recognize some of you. We didn’t have time to compile the list of designers we’d like to recognize before we posted this entry but we will in the next 24 hours.

Please stay tuned…

Again, thank you so much for participating in our logo contest. We look forward to working with you all as moves forward. Team

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103 Responses to “Logo Design Contest Winners”
  1. TheNutz says:

    i’ll make a cry version of my little guy :(

  2. someone says:

    meh….. that was a $5,000 job? jeez -__- lucky talented people did not try this contest

  3. Jaydeep says:

    Congratulations Guys..!!

  4. I think the second, is the best of the finalist.

    Best regards to all .


    • Nlee says:

      I agree with loving the second choice best~ I thought it would go the other way with first and second~~ the first is sharper…but love the personality of #2~~~+

  5. Áso says:

    WOW! I couldn’t be more surprised. I can understand the 2nd choice, but I’ll never get why the 1st and 3rd choices are those. I guess I’ve been wasting the passed 7 years of my life with graphic design and still not getting it. I mean I can understand the last choice a little, but a P.? But it’s your money, your site and your contest, so. And it would be nice if you guys wrote an explanation to why those are your choices, and please mention the tag line choice too.

  6. river says:

    Congratulations S. Mohamed Shihabdeen!!
    Thanks TPD for an awesome contest.

  7. Joee Bouvier says:

    They are all average logos sorry not bad but they are average

  8. peastri says:

    Good choice, that was my fav of the bunch. Congrats all the winners and everyone else on a competition hard and well fought. I’m sure the decision making process was made exceptionally difficult with so many quality entries.

    Now, let the games begin ;p

  9. Pab says:

    I agree with Aso.

    Also the winning logo looks fine on a white background …but on black, noooooo. I saw it on his thread on a black background and it looks wrong and clumsy. The TPD site is black so I think it will lose its imapct on there.

    One thing I did notice on his thread was that admin said it was looking a bit like the Wordpress logo …I’m sorry to say guys, but, with slight changes, it still does. Check this link

    The winner had designed some excellent logos which deserved to win, so he is definitely a talented designer, but TPD seems to have chosen one of his weaker ones.

    Anyway, it was their choice, they are the client and judge, so congrats to the winner …and of course to the others with their logos and strapline.

  10. coolokoy says:

    Yeah.. i agree.. id rather choose the 3rd place as a 1st place.. if i am judge… but for me Nutz work is the best.. its unique..

    Anyways.. congrats to the winners…

  11. Tsuperb says:

    I have to say that i am not impressed by this…i mean they are AVERAGE logos…i don’t really think real talented graphic designers knew about this contest…i posted one entry, and after seeing how people started to appreciate more the average designs i sadi “why waste my time?” and i was COMPLETELY right…i’ve gotta say congratulations to the winners, but i have got to say that these are average logos with nothing that says PERFECT DESIGN, sorry but that’s the truth…a logo has to have a reason, and that reason has to be visible to the eye and to the subconscious… a logo is not just a pretty icon…and yes it looks like wordpress…i don’t know, i am very disappointed by this, seems like when they say “now days everyone who learns how to use a program like photoshop or illustrator, thinks that they can design and be designers”…it takes years of study to be a well talented designer…so…congratulations anyway….

  12. Sindur says:

    Congrats winners

  13. dartz says:

    Congrats all the winners!
    Nutz, yours is most interesting and memorable, only font work is not strong enough.

  14. Sachin says:

    Hearty Congratulations Shihab!!!

    The best designer finally deserved the best award!
    Going through your website is another inspiration for the creative world.

    Keep it ticking. All the very Best!

  15. Faraz says:

    I am quite shocked to see this logo win coz it is not even near the caliber of a gud logo, I mean c’mon its just a P. how is it different, unique and most of all creative, like the 3rd option more than that

    • Barbara Campbell says:

      I find the simplicity to be what makes it unique and memorable, it is a perfect design! Be a sport and give credit where credit is due!

  16. designer says:

    congratulations to the winners,
    but the logos are lame and average,
    and the second one its a mix of ebuddy and
    the character of design republic….

    sorry but had to say it…

  17. jorge_135 says:

    Nope, sorry, is not personal,
    but the designed logo do not transcend the identity according to the company’s name.
    The design is nice, the usage is incorrect.
    Again, it was a waist of great designers time.

  18. Arita says:

    Yea, I don’t get it either and surprised at the choices. Seems you went a long way just to settle on medeocre. Oh well, it’s your site.

  19. Ivy says:

    Congratulations to all the winners… and so as all the contestants who were not lucky enough to win but so much blessed to have the talent and skill to be able to come up with also amazing designs.

    Likewise, congratulations and many thanks to TPD for this contest. I am looking forward to the next contest, with which I hope and pray constraints won’t fail me again to join.

    By the way, first and third prize winners were my 2 choices then from among all the entries…

    God Bless.

  20. Shihab says:

    I’m sooooooo happy!!!

    Hey to those who didn’t read my logo: here is my explanation to it…
    A simple ‘dot’ is the minimal effort to show a completeness, perfection, that’s it, kind…
    A circle around is to show unity, circle of trust and togetherness.
    The entire shape is made like a registered, Trademark symbol, which stands for time…
    Thought a simple logo which can be used as a monogram as well…
    And mainly for an EASY branding from a favicon to advertisements without losing it’s quality…

    You can see all my entries here:

    WISH ME TOO!!! ;)

    • Todd Parker says:

      A logo shouldn’t need such a long explanation. That’s the whole point behind a logo, you should get a feel of what the company is about just by looking at it. Just look at the FedEx and IBM logos which are also simple designs. And to say that the circle shows unity, circle of trust and togetherness reeks of artsy-fartsy b.s. I look at your logo and have no idea what The Perfect Design is all about. And I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years. I looked over a batch of entries and saw quite a few that were more pleasing to the eye.

      • Barbara Campbell says:

        I got it with a few minutes of previewing the design! It is well done, well thought out. What is wrong with simple and easy?

    • sanu says:

      hi shihabji,

      congratulation for your good,great & grand design.
      do t some of your details like where r u frm, your porfession & etcs…..

      wish you good for your future endeavors. bye

      with warm rgrds frm sanu

    • Nlee says:

      Congratulations~ I noticed that when I went through all the logos yours always caught my attention and stood out~ You have a lovely talent and from your above post also are a gracious and thoughtful human being~~which is always a nice thing to see added to talent~~+

      :) ~

    • syed_515 says:

      wel l i read your concept. i think the concept in itself is great. though i will say that for overall i would prefer nutz. the appearance of your design is too simple and too simple is something which is least noticed. anyways. i think you are an indian? there was another indian design i liked and that was of sarang. but again it was great in concept only.

    • syed_515 says:


  21. says:

    Cogratulations! to all the winners.

    The jury has just focused on the “perfection” of “P” and “.” but they forgot their own words when admin gave example of “mercedese Logo” and others. This logo can not become their identity in a manner they wanted as “merce’s ” is. They wanted a logo such unique that any one who sees once remember’s forever, but they did not select one. Nutz one was a better option but I felt from top 10 finalist Sarangs (no. 5) was the best option for them. I think They should once again look back in the ocean of the logos they got. Though its your competition and you know your requirements much better than anybody else but also think other aspects also. I think this logo will become the part of crowd though I do not dought the talent of winner, he is good in his work but r u????????

  22. romualdo rommel perez says:

    Yeah, i think the second best should actually be the first.
    Anyway, congratulations to all!

  23. MONTOSH LALL says:

    congrats to the winners

  24. Imran says:

    Wow !

    CONGRATS Shihab and TO 2nd and 3rd Winners.
    rest of the 7 finalist dont worry Be Happy !

    Thanks to all TDP team.

  25. Karan Bhatia says:

    losing here somehow doesn’t feel bad, because it’s all so democratic. one has to agree that the work that won was the best and if i lost it was only because my entry wasn’t the best. congratulations to the winners and all hail democracy, down with shitty account directors and stupid clients with their stupid feedback and senseless rejections. this is the way to win!

  26. fred kibuuka says:

    Dear ,The organizers of the logo design contest , wish to congratulate you upon such a very difficult work to chose who the winner was.Indeed it was not easy for you,but you always thank god who enabled you to do so.You had a very big challenge to the contestants who where as many as you show them. Can you margin that satisfying people is not so easy/ because every body expects to be a winner? Ounce again ,i take this opportunity to congratulate everybody who took part in the draw especially the three lucky winners.May be those who did not, next time.God bless all of us.Have a nice time.Yrs faithfully fred kibuuka.

  27. yula says:

    I’m really amazed. This is so way far from The Perfect Design and beyond professional expectations. And not worth this much money. Probably experienced designers didn’t really take part in this contest. But still congratulations to the people who won.

  28. pushkar653 says:

    glad to see the little man, unfortunate it got second place, first one is a terrible choice, there were a couple in the last posting that should have been selected, the third place logo, what’s that about?

  29. aakash says:

    ha ha ha…funny result

  30. grafixgeek says:

    I have to agree, glassy orbs litter the web 2.0 landscape as Pab points out with the Wordpress logo. All this logo says is “We’re just another ’sell-your-soul graphic designer site’, that’s trying to look like other ’sell-your-soul graphic designer’ sites.” If this site is really about graphic designers why not push for the edge instead of some commercial polished image? This is not really about the perfect design, it’s about what a potential client looking for production line graphic design services thinks the perfect design is.

    In my book this choice says “We sold out to commercial conformity” the very thing that most designers hate because it leaves little room for creativity. Web 2.0 icons are the current trend and seem to govern the criteria for so much design – because there is so much commercial demand for this type of design (we want a logo, website, delivery van that’s all glassy and shiny like theirs), any design not Web 2.0 is thrown out irrespective of its merits.

    But as has been said the ‘client is always right’ – TPD it seems has become the client in more ways than one. Any idea designers had that this site would be about true creativity is misconceived, it’s about the client looking for the perfect shinny orb.

    TPD, you know your business – what a great idea to get a couple of thousand designers’ drooling, and ready to jump at the first opportunity to spit out work for clients just to prove to themselves that they’re not losers and could have won the logo contest.

    That said I believe that any design(especially the perfect design) should (within the confines of the brief) challenge & (re-)define the client’s own vision of the brand – it should bring about the realization “Aha! that’s who we could be.”, invoke interest – a call to explore the meaning inherent in the design, have an inherent symbolic meaning – after all it is meant to communicate something, be unique and distinguishable – ‘me too’s’ add little value, have millage – it may not be relevant forever but at least make sure it gets you to your destination, suite the intended applications for the design – nothing looks worse than a great logo morphed & squashed and pulled apart to fit a format it was never intended for and it should be relevant – relevant to the audience it was/is designed to speak to.

    I suppose such is the world of design. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a few friends.

  31. Urve says:

    Concratulations to all winners and special thanks to TPD team for interesting and open contest.
    Rarey contest organisers give feedback or create large website for seeing all entries. For me it was nice and exiting experience and don’t feel myself bad, because didn’t win.

  32. says:

    Cogratulations! to all the winners.

    The jury has just focused on the “perfection” of “P” and “.” but they forgot their own words when admin gave example of “mercedese Logo” and others. This logo can not become their identity in a manner they wanted as “merce’s ” is. They wanted a logo such unique that any one who sees once remember’s forever, but they did not select one. Nutz one was a better option but I felt from top 10 finalist Sarangs (no. 5) was the best option for them. I think They should once again look back in the ocean of the logos they got. Though its your competition and you know your requirements much better than anybody else but also think other aspects also. I think this logo will become the part of crowd though I do not dought the talent of winner, he is good in his work.

  33. swathi_418 says:


    Congratulations to all the winners…and Tpd team also for their work

  34. Vasudevan says:

    I think Shihab deserves it. The second one looks like a cheap imitation of “eBuddy” logo. The third one resembles the BMW logo. Shihab’s is original and I liked the thought behind it. The “full stop” after “P” denotes the completeness and the circle to show unity, trust, b/w clients and designers. Perfect logo for “Perfect Design”

    Congrats Shihab!

  35. Armand Benoit says:

    No nasty comments! It’s your choice and no one should say anything against it.
    Accept it , that’s all!
    Congrats to the winners.
    ( Thanks for the contest)

  36. got2havedesigns says:

    Wow, number two should of won hands down, i didn’t put any time into my logos honestly, but if i had i could of mos def made something way better than the other two, and i seen some PD logo sim to the one that won, and well they looked way better??? sorry jus constructive crit yo, really the little guy should of won, you should really re-evaluate that one*

  37. Chandra Kumar says:

    Congrates to all. But I feel nothing special. Nothing 2 fresh. Zaid logo was very nice & catchable. I wish to know that how to select the winnner? Wts the logic? Meaning..pls inform me. B’coz i want to develope my creative sense.

  38. David Podesta says:

    Congratulations to all. I am sure that you will be happy with the design that you have chosen.

  39. David Podesta says:

    I must say that the contest was run quite well… and I hope that any future associations will be run just as smoothly with such a good atmosphere.

  40. Rin says:

    Next time will be me….555

  41. Paul says:

    definitely don’t agree with the choices. i won’t be participating with this site anyway; too many better competing sites out there.

  42. Abijith (Ab!) says:

    This is a ” perfect” design itself… Congrats Shihabs..Good Works will always get rewarded.. :) ..All the very best !!!!!!!!!

  43. Everyone needs to stop whining about who the winner is and why. I own one of the largest graphical media companies on the east coast and if you truly work in the graphic arts field you should never be surprised by what a customer picks as their logo. It is almost NEVER what you expected but they are the customer and it is THEIR taste for art that must be satisfied…period! It is never about what you like or don’t like it is about what they are looking for. The people who are upset by these choices need to sit back and realize that the people of Perfect Design picked these because it is what they wanted and in no way was meant to insult your art or taste for art. If you want to be successful in this business you need to give the customer what they are looking for. We as a team at GMS often go through grueling hours to satisfy our customer and most of the time we succumb to a design that is less then desirable for us but it makes the customer extremely happy. Thats the way it is! Congratulations to the winners and I wish the good people at The Perfect Design all the best….Good luck!

    • swathi_418 says:

      yup, I agree with you Rob….

    • Dennis Jackson says:

      I agree. But you have to remember as we were designing our logos for this contest we were required to use TPD in our designs. I submitted several designs with only the P or D as the initial element but was told their guide lines required using all. What is the winning logo but a P. Congrats and best to all who entered. I can say for myself being 1 of 10 artist for the 100th celebration of Harley-Davidson that I have come away from this competition a better designer. The work that was submitted should be used as an inspiration and learning process.

      Dennis Jackson “The Dot Man”

  44. Olagundoye says:

    Congratulations y’all.

  45. Sarang says:

    Ya it was indeed a exiting contest.
    I really enjoyed it.

    hats off for the jury . It must have been a really difficult task.

  46. Nigz says:

    Congratulations to the winners of this contest! It’s been a great challenge to me in competing with all the great talents who joined in this contest. Congrats to all and see you again in the next competition.

  47. katore21 says:

    Sorry but this 1th logo you choose as Perfect , it is same as the copyright sigh for sounds and video publisher (#&2117 to insert the phono/sound copright symbol).

  48. Žan Lete says:

    GRATZ to the winners!! nice work as always. My vote goes for #2 that little fella is so cute and nice and it could make nice symbol after all. I am not sure how #1 will scale down, but i am sure there will be solution for it.

  49. Akima Webb says:

    I will admit that my designs were not the most creative. I saw some that made me, an A.I.P Graduate think wow! I was even inspired by many. We should not knock the winner or the judges, it was the “Personal” preference of the client. Nick named “Logo Man” at work I’ve seen my AD pick some BAD APPLES. I just recycle the good ideas for the next client that is looking for that particular direction.

    Kudos to the logo with the apple core look, and the 3D icon artist…

  50. good guy says:

    If this is a timeless design then we have to redefine the word timeless. :)

  51. haetro says:

    Congratulations guys!!

    • haetro says:

      So we have now the logo, how about the site? when will it be publish?

      • admin says:

        Hi haetro,

        Good question. Most of the functionality of the site has been completed. The developers are now incorporating all the functionality into the XHTML site design. We don’t want to suggest a launch date yet, but we hope to launch soon.

        We’ll make sure all of the designers in our community know about the launch.

  52. All the best regardless. Congrats to the prize winners.

  53. terebentinne says:

    A parking place symbol for 5000$…
    I don’t see this webite being the one to provide a “perfect design” since their identity is lost actually into a transportation sign.

  54. terebentinne says:

    for a first step you should start lookng for an identity, so i suggest to pay a visit to these fellow creatives:

  55. The perfect logo design is always a subjective selection. Congratulations to the winners.

  56. terebentinne says:

    Do you sell pefect parking tickets as well?

  57. terebentinne says:

    Parking a lot lately?

  58. terebentinne says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”
    You want to show only positive comments, are you freakin’ comunists?
    I need ten parking signs and that’s a confirmed order, can you do this in the next few days?

    • admin says:


      We apologize for the inconvenience, but our parking signs are back ordered right now. We expect to have new signs come in next week, which would put your shipment out until the 22nd of September. Will this work for you?

      To make up for it, we can send you a t-shirt with a parking sign on it if you’re interested… :)

      Please let us know if you have any other questions. We value your business!

      • grafixgeek says:

        Maybe you can’t pick the perfect logo (opinion) but at least you have a great sense of humor :)

      • terebentinne says:

        A parking sign is a parking sign even if you don’t have your pants on in front of Eiffel Tour.
        You need an identity and you should get used with the idea.
        What ya’ re looking through this competition – and now i know what this site is about to become – was nothing related to a design that could be considered “blowing dentity”. You were looking for something perfect seen from your clustered perspective about designs.

        Ya’know, people are looking these days for somethin’ striking, new, original idea, not just a borowed identity from the transportation book of symbols.
        That’s what i am thinking.
        I have nothing to do with the winer, at least he got the money in a nice easy way.What was left for you is nothing but a parking place sign. The rest just doesen’t matter.

        Life is like a simple equation: what you miss plus what you don’t see equals zero.
        The choice is perfect for you as individuals, not for your company’s future.

  59. jorge_135 says:

    I agree with Rob Diffenderfer.
    Nevertheless, the Logo election was not selected for a client, but to fulfill a competition.
    So, the participants comments are acceptable, because they were accepted when it was requested during the so called “competition”. Which in this case, as I previously mentioned ,It was a “guided” competition which included constant editing request. Therefore it wasn’t really a competition but more like a bidding contract for a Logo.

    AND Nope, sorry, is not personal, but the winning designed logo do not transcend the identity according to the company’s name. The design is nice, the usage is incorrect.
    And the logo should tell the “story” without the designer “guidance” words.
    Again, it was a waist of great designers time.

  60. ikha_778 says:

    hi all, stop bit shihab…lets fly to 10K contest out there……….dont waste ur time,we no need busy on this this lets going to US$10000!!!!!!

  61. Rakesh says:

    All the best! …………..but there is no need for such a big compitition.

  62. Paberto Harry says:

    see u again…. :O

  63. Joyce says:

    in an icon world, I like the pick of 1st place. congrats to all winners.

  64. Congratulations to the winners, but it made me wonder how many contestants there were ?

    Personally, I don’t think the designs are all that special, but winners of contests are chosen by people with opinions.

    Mine wasn’t one of them :)

  65. ISHTIAQ AHMED says:

    I like a perfect design I join this .

  66. GioGutz says:

    Really? Wow! If I would’ve known better, I wouldn’t make the design artistically complicated. Congratulations to the winners.

  67. Graeme Hunt says:

    It was interesting to participate in this contest, and congratulations to the winners.

    I’m sure the organizers/judges were overwhelmed with the responses but I do have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the feedback despite the plethora of entries the judges had to go through. I’m sure we all thought we had a good chance, but considering only my first submission ever got any feedback, I am disappointed overall with the judging. I think I had some great ideas that while never officially “rejected” they never were commented upon, either.

    As the contest wore on, I got the impression that the contest become more about flash and shiny “web 2.0″ elements (reflection, gradients, dropshadows, reflection, etc) than TRUE design aesthetics. While the winning logos are above average, I don’t see any of them being truly “timeless” as the organizers originally wanted. These are not McDonalds, Audi, Mercedes Benz, UPS, Olympics quality logos.

    I’m not saying any of my logos are any better or should have been chosen, nor am I bitter… I’m just making a comment that I think the contest could have been better run. When you open a contest like this to the worldwide public, you should expect a landslide of entries. I just think some really great logos basically got ignored over passe “chrome” logos.

    Anyway, thanks…

  68. juma says:

    Congs to mohammadi. Its some times not easy to get thru. I hope u guys r not net quarks. who ve been tyring to get ideas for your business of branding, otherwise thats that. Next time consider not ateam of your judges but also participants votes for what they think is the best. when I read guys comments they seem not conviced that that deserved position 1. May be i wldnt also tag it no. 1. find a better way of selecting so that people donot get biased otherwise they will decline to participate. thanx

  69. PunkyPurple says:

    NOOOOOOO WAY!!!!! How can that design win 1st prize??? There is no creativity on that. No originality. What the heck is wrong with you people. There are better designs that could have won.

  70. Tripod India says:

    Dear Shihab

    Congrags and wish you all the best for ur future works.

    We are Proud of you

    keep it up

    Tripod Team

  71. tna says:

    Cogratulations Shihab,

    Thanks once again to The Perfect Design team for giving us such a platform.

  72. Shihab says:

    Hi mates…

    Please stop criticizing my logo… i have given enough explanation to it… And the Judges / Professionals / Voters are not fools to decide a 5000$ worth logo to have a p, dot and a circle around it… And I think, I’m also not a poor designer to design a logo which doesn’t have any meaning to it.. Moreover it’s not my only option i had given TPD to choose from… i have posted 25+ different ideas…Most of my logos were in the top till the end…

    What does a nike logo has? why is the designer is getting royalty in millions?
    Apple logo has an apple because the name itself is Apple…and you cannot show a mango there! or any other creative piece of some other element..and it’s straight and a simple shape of an apple…that made them to brand it easily…
    What does Google has? They’re branding it very creatively…

    Like these, all the top brand’s logos are very simple and flexible enough to brand it…
    Can any one call these logos creative? But ‘Yes’ I say. They are creative!!! But cannot explain in what way they are creative!

    And now to ‘The Perfect Designs’!
    How can you describe the word ‘PERFECT’? That’s not an object to show… Perfect means ‘completeness’… I thought to use a full stop which means ‘completion’, ‘completed’, ‘this is it’, etc…That made my logo…which finally ended more simpler and flexible enough to brand…

    The logos lies not only on the creative part…It’s about branding too…keep your views on marketing side as well…When you design a logo for a BIG brand, ‘ONLY’ creativity doesn’t work at all… I have experienced in my career…It has to work well in all other mediums (from a favicon to ads), and simple to remember with ‘SOME’ meaning to it and no defect or fault in the symbol… That’s how a ‘LOGOS’ work guys… No complicated/huge creative works required to brand anything… The logo automatically becomes complicated when we brand it…

    I admit there were loads of GREAT designs which got eliminated may be that didn’t fit the clients requirement or something! cannot complain for that…

    And I’m a brand designer for 9+ years..if you have time please visit my web (my personal web, but not updated for long time) or … All the creative works there are only mine…That’s my own company which is gonna be live from next month…

    Thanks to all here who criticized and complimented my logo..
    Really had a GREAT time participation here…

  73. Dustin says:

    Gratz to the winner! I really like the design, super clean and attractive =]

  74. Milan Iliev says:

    Happy New Year,
    I wish to all participants of Logo contest many successful days.
    God bless You.
    For my opinion the Logo of winer is litle bit seem like a park’s sign and for that reason should be
    confuse the ordinary customers and buyers.Therefor it is out of conception for advertisment and
    from here should have not positive advantage for the guarantee.After all the game is the game and
    let congratulated the New winer.
    God bless You again
    Milan Iliev

  75. Mike says:

    Interesting to note that all the people rubbishing the winning entry/entries are anonymous posts.
    Sour grapes I think.
    Shihab won fair and square.

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