Monday, June 18th, 2018

Consult With Someone About Your Ideas – Graphic Design Tip #100


This post is an expansion of tip #100 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.

Proposing Your “Rough-Draft”

Proposing Your "Rough Draft"

When you have a really amazing idea it’s hard not to take that ball and just run with it. You have to remember that your client is ultimately the team coach and the referee. Before running with an idea you have, make sure you have the clients 100% acceptance. It sucks to get into a project only to find that you wasted time by not getting the official okay.

The client has put time and money into this project and they need to have a say as the stakeholder and funder. This is why the idea of the “rough-draft” was created and continues to exist. Initial concepts should be roughly formed and have minimal time applied in order to maintain flexibility. Quickly deliver on the first draft and allow for client input before putting a high polish on your presentation. The client will feel in control of the project and it will save you from ending up on a dead end path.

Confer With Your “Brain Trust”

Confer With Your "Brain Trust"

Also, consult with your “brain trust,” people you trust will help you, when you need that extra boost of confidence. An outside perspective can be invaluable. It may be interesting to find out what other people see in your design. Your co-worker may be point out that your text treatment reminds them of “bad disco” or the stock image you chose to portray a friendly sales representative actually kind of creeps them out.

Essentially should be running a very basic A/B test. If you get generally get positive feedback from your “brain trust” you can be pretty confident that your client will really like it too.

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