Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Build Strong Relationships With Vendors – Graphic Design Tip #87


This post is an expansion of tip #87 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.

Choose Wisely Your Vendors

Choose Wisely Your Vendors - ThePerfectDesign
Building a strong relationship with printing companies and other businesses in the industry can help your business. Be creative and you will find ways to benefit from this relationship (better pricing, trade work, referrals, etc…).

Your relationship with your vendors is almost as important as your relationship with your clients. Inevitably most of your design project will fall into the hands of vendors to complete. Be thorough about who you select to do business with. If you are not careful your projects could end in disaster. Find vendors that are reliable, honest, and quality driven.

Learn about the company, the equipment they use, and the people they employ. Let them know the first couple of times you use them that they are on trial. This isn’t saying that you don’t trust them…you just don’t blindly hand over your hard work. After a period of time you will know whether or not to deepen the relationship. The people you select are an extension to your business so treat them as a partner and they will work with you like one.

Good Vendors Are Life Savers

Good Vendors Are Life Savers - ThePerfectDesign
They can work with you on budgets and pricing. They might slip your project in at times when you are urgently trying to make a deadline. They may even quality check your work and alert you to typos or mistakes that you may have not noticed (this can save your life). Vendors can also send projects your way and be a solid reference to future clients and employers. Most vendors won’t do these things for just the average Joe, so make sure they know who you are on a personal level.

The peace of mind you get from having a good vendor can make even the toughest projects doable. They are there to remind you that you are not alone in your efforts and the best of vendors want you to succeed with a beautifully finished piece. You will know that you have the right experts on the job when they express as much passion for your project as you do.

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