Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Be A Taskmaster – Graphic Design Tip #97


This post is an expansion of tip #97 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.

Organizing Tasks

Organizing Tasks - ThePerfectDesign

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed at work not knowing where to begin? Have you missed a deadline because you simply buried a project in some messy notes? Clearing the fog before you begin designing will boost your effectiveness and the quality of your work.

In the early morning before you go to work, or preferably the night before, look over your list of tasks and prioritize them. Then, focus on the most important tasks until they are completed and move on to the next one. Learn to prioritize. The more organized you are the more profitable you can be.

Start your day with a clear plan of action to tackle your projects. You can start by creating a straightforward spreadsheet or task list with categories like:

• Project name and description
• Elements within the task (if it includes multiple pieces)
• Prioritization by deadline
• Roadblocks or pending information that need follow up

To Do List

To Do List - ThePerfectDesign

If you utilize a time/project management software it may be helpful keep a printed sheet handy so that you can make notes and cross off items as you go. A visual reminder on your desk can keep you from missing target dates or forgetting tasks. Have your task list easily accessible at all times whether sophisticated or scribbled. A large object such as a whiteboard for your “hot list” can help you digest important tasks quickly. You will also have a wonderful mission accomplished feeling when you wipe these items off.

Being your own taskmaster isn’t always fun, but it is always profitable. Don’t be afraid to crack your own whip if it means more work will get done quicker.

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