Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Terry_Bogard recently won the Efficient Dental Solutions (EDS) logo contest on
We congratulate Terry on the design!
From the contest brief, “I need a logo that includes the initials, EDS, from my company name, “Efficient Dental Solutions,” and also includes the name. I would like to see a couple variations of the [...]

I am a finance professional. Design has never been my occupation, it is just my passion and I think I’ve have come a long way with it. Most of my friends happened to be creatives during my teens and I used to do alot of freelance and fun work around that time. I worked in [...]

Well, it’s a sweet day today. The sky is blue and the weather is just right for the launch of our first design contest on Yeah, you heard me right. We are launching our first contest on! This is well overdue, it’s been a long time, but it has been worth every step. [...]

Graphic Design
Have you ever suspected that there is something peculiar about Graphic Design? If you haven’t before, I’m sure you will after this. Because, maybe you’ve never wondered at the thought of Graphic Design being a living thing; ever growing, teaching, evolving…changing the world and changing the way we humans look at things. Have you [...]

We get a lot of people asking us when the site will be ready to launch. We have an update right here, just for you. Click play!

This is graphic design tip #13 from the post 101 Graphic Graphic Design Tips for Business Success
13. Get Credit – Print design credits and designed by links

You have a lot of great talent, feel confident in your abilities and are now ready to take it to the next level. You are ready for more business. [...]

This post, “Logo Design Rights – Do You Have Them?” is a follow-up post to tip #12 in our article, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success”. Please be sure to see that list if you haven’t seen it already.
12. Rights for your logo design work

When creating your online portfolio, one of the key areas [...]

This graphic design tip comes from our post, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success. We will be posting each tip individually from our 101 tips. Please be sure to subscribe
Design a portfolio… Your own!

You’ve seen portfolios that have only a few pieces of art from some designers… This is not enough. As a designer [...]

This is graphic design tip #10 on how to gather testimonials. This was in response to design tip #10 in our post, 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.
Testimonials Can Lead to Even More Success

Testimonials are a great way of showing that you have been successful with other businesses and people. And, on top of [...]

This post, “Don’t Worry About The Money (Kinda),” is in response to tip #9 in our post, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.”
Track your time
One of the biggest challenges about graphic design is educating your client to the value of your work. Most of the time they will only see your finished project, not [...]