Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Are You A Professional Graphic Designer?


This post is an expansion of tip #52 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.

Cheer On Your Fellow Designers!


You should be well aware by now that everyone has an opinion on everything. Art is objective by nature, so it will always be subject to interpretation. This is what makes it art, the ability to provoke a response from someone. The intelligent critic will realize this and remember to not judge based off of initial gut reaction.

When you criticize your fellow peers don’t be vulgar or make funny comments. Make your criticism constructive and helpful. Cheer on your fellow designers! We are all students.

If you truly want to help your fellow designer, be delicate with your input. Elevate yourself beyond being just another guy with an opinion by reflecting on why you would like to offer suggestions before making a response. The odds of them taking your advice increase significantly when you take them seriously.

Take Constructive Criticism


Perfect the “sandwich” technique. This is a classic persuasive tactic where you offer a piece of advice sandwiched in between two positive statements. For example you could say “I really like your use of creativity here, you may want to use a less decorative font in the headline, but other than that it’s looking great!”.

As a designer you need to be able to take criticism as well. Don’t pay attention to others if their criticism is anything but constructive. You will learn quickly how to distinguish between random spewed opinions and intelligent editing that actually help. On the Internet be aware that there are many nasty personalities out there lurking around just waiting to heckle for hecklings sake. Ignore the urge to feed their negative fires.

When you come across constructive criticism, take it! This is essentially free help from a fresh set of eyes. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Writers almost always have an editor. Think of them as your design editors. In the end they might spot something you may have missed that will take your project to a whole new elevation.

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