Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Act As Though You Have Showroom Models – Graphic Design Tip #93


This post is an expansion of tip #93 in our post 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.

Present Your Graphic Design Concepts

Present Your Graphic Design Concepts - ThePerfectDesign

When you are showing a customer your concepts for their project for the first time, you are basically showing them the car they want and trying to decide which interior and exterior colors and features they want. Make sure to show the customer what their design will look like in a couple variations (color, etc…).

Three is a magic number. Unless the customer specifies otherwise, plan on having three options for them to choose from. Too many options can confuse them and cause them to lose focus; too few options will leave them feeling cornered. You want to give them just the right amount to make them feel like they are making an educated choice. They may even want to mix and match from the ideas presented — which is totally acceptable.

Produce High-Quality Designs

A man puts up bricks of quality

It might feel fruitless to come showcase several options that you know some of them will be discarded. Think of it more as creating a prototype for their brand. Most cars don’t roll off the lot after the first concept is presented. There will need to be some tweaking and honing to get it just right. Be prepared to get in there with a wrench and tighten it up to please your client.

Stand by what you do and let them know the quality that is being delivered. They could go to a churn and burn design shop – but you are providing them luxury design. And when that baby leaves your lot, you can be proud to know that you produced a high-end product that the customer will be satisfied with.

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