Monday, June 18th, 2018

This post, “Utilizing Time Management,” is in response to tip #8 in our post, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.”
Use your time wisely
You only have so many seconds, minutes and hours in a day. Use them wisely. Make sure you make your customers’ time just as valuable.
Set aside time in the day for brainstorming, [...]

I am from Kolkata, India. This is my place of birth and where I grew up as a child. I completed my education, profession all here. Presently I am also working in this city. The heart of Bengal in India.
Graphic design has been my interest since I was born. Even if I don’t have any [...]

I am from Bulgaria. I grew up in Bulgaria and still reside here.
Nothing really got me into Graphic Design. I am designer and that is part of my job.
Yes I am currently doing freelance work and I love my job.
My favorite part of Graphic Design would be to make surrealistic advertisements on outdoor tables.
One Particular [...]

This post is a continuation of graphic design tip #7 in our article “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success.“
Lost your keys lately?

Artistic types are not typically known for their organization skills. We have a tendency to go with the flow, let our desks get a little jumbled and put our keys in odd places. [...]

My body is from this earth., and my soul is from the sky. It’s true…”Just Kidding” I am from Jombang, East Java Indonesia.
I don’t know what got me in to graphic design really. I used to like painting. That doesn’t mean that I able to paint but I just like to watch a beautiful thing.
A [...]

I’m from the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka, The pearl of the Indian Ocean.  I was born & bred here.
Well, creativity was in my blood from my childhood, I was good at drawing things from an early age; also my two brothers were talented in arts. They were good artists. Specially my big brother whom [...]

I am from Kolkata (Calcutta), India. I was born & brought up in this city and still live in this city.
You can say that I am an inborn artist. It was natural and I was always involved in drawing and painting from my childhood. Passion for Creativeness helped with my inspiration. Art & Music have [...]

I am from England and was born in Reading. I moved to Cyprus (Limassol town) when I was one and a half years old due to my fathers job. I lived there nearly my whole life and moved back to England last year (Aug 2008) to Bournemouth to study Graphic Design Degree at The Arts [...]

I was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines from 1979. We moved in Cavite in 2001 after I graduated College. Finally stayed in Makati with my wife and kids. Now I am working here in Dubai, UAE as a Graphic Designer.
Since first grade I knew how to draw. I used to participate in some [...]

I am currently in St. Petersburg Florida on the Gulf Coast. I am not originally from Florida. I am actually from Detroit.
A vocational class in commercial art and design at my High School got me into Graphic Design. I got involved in design as a necessity more than the love of doing it. When I [...]