Monday, June 18th, 2018

Here’s our spotlight for Graphic Designer, Vatsala Manohar. We love hearing stories of graphic designers and the varying levels that they are at in their careers, and we’re cheering Vatsala on in her graphic design quest.
I am from India, born and brought up here.
In my young age, I was was good at drawing. Presently, [...]

Favorite aspect would be the finalizing of the design, when you are the first to see the master piece of your work.

This blog post was created in reference to item #1 in our post, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success“
Please make the content clean!

We know that it’s not the job of the Designer to provide project content. Every Designer dreams of being given “clean content”. That means pristine, free of errors, complete content. But that [...]

A business owner went into business because they had a vision. They dreamed and saw their company at it’s highest point, and knew success, even before they got involved or started. To a client, a logo design is important and can mean many things…
…but, to a designer, we feel it means about a million things [...]

The mediator or gate keeper, also known as the middle-man, is one of the most frustrating hurdles that any graphic designer can face. dAttitude brought up some concerns in response to our post, “101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success”, that we’d like to address. We’d like to ask that, since there are endless ways [...]

As you go through the tips, think of your own stories that can be associated with each tip. If you have a great story for a particular tip, please e-mail it to us from the Contact form. Pretty soon, we’ll be posting each tip on it’s own and be going into further detail. You’ll be [...]

We just held our second Twitter AMEX Giveaway Contest! The question the prize winner had to answer was, “This graphic designer created logos for United Airlines and “Ma Bell” (AT&T). Who was it?” After many failed attempts at answering by others, Dave Davidson came through with flying colors. Now, we get to know a little [...]

All Designers,
We’re in the process of compiling a list of tips that each of you graphic designers might have for other graphic designers, and we need your help. If you’re an experienced graphic designer and you’ve been given some good tips or advice in the past, or you have some tips or advice based from [...]