The Perfect Design

About Us

A Worldwide Community of Graphic Designers


We want The Perfect Design to be a hub for graphic designers all over the world; where designers can discuss, compare, exhibit, and critique graphic design works in a friendly and constructive environment.


Designers can create online portfolios, highlighting their best logos, web page designs, brochures and more.


A Graphic Design Marketplace


One of our main goals at is to connect graphic designers and potential clients.


As our community grows, designers will be able to network, find work, and ultimately build their careers using ThePefectDesign.


Companies who use as a resource to find graphic design work like logos, web page designs, brochures, and other designs will have access to the worlds best designers who are ready to deliver quality work.


A Collection of Graphic Design Guides & Tutorials


As our community grows, we'll expand our library of photoshop, illustrator, and other design software tutorials and articles. We interview the top designers and share their secrets. We provide tool tips and shortcuts and other guidance to help graphic designers stay on top of their craft.